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I.C.E. is cool!

As I listen to Audio across the genres and media players, I hear many problems that we in the Audio field encounter.


The final product is many times distorted and/or has unpleasant tone. Frequently the vocal passages have notes and frequencies that resonate with harshness especially when the vocal gets more powerful. You know, that ‘’eh, eh” tone. Female vocalists have the most problem with this due to the frequency range of most female vocalists. If your product has this problem, tell your Audio People to ‘Put some I.C.E. on it”. Everyone will be happy and life will be better.

Mastering Engineers:

I know what it’s like to receive material to Master that is slammed and/or distorted. I.C.E. is the fix.

AFTER you have Mastered a song or project and you feel that the highs or lows are too much and need to be tightened and/or distortion needs to be removed, I.C.E. is the fix.

Mix engineers:

Being able to clean up and sculpt Audio on a track-by-track basis is a whole new world of recording capability; Removing digital and analog distortion to taste, boosting deficient frequency bands, removing an unpleasant area in the singers voice, or resonant frequencies on Bass, Piano, boomy acoustic guitar, etc. is amazing and quick! I.C.E. is Cool!!

Recording engineers:

You can fix it if the singer is having a bad day tone-wise; or if the guitarist needs some distortion and tone shaping, or the Tuba player is a little thin, or the piano is too dynamic, or …

Live Sound Engineers:

If you are using digital processing, you can attack the resonant frequencies in a venue and “Take them out!”

The uses of I.C.E. are endless… Don’t forget the I.C.E.!

Billy Stull


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