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“Pretty Pumped!”


Record Producer/Artist/Billie Eilish

“I used to run tracks through my tape machine, now it’s almost exclusively the holy grail ‘Legendary Mic Sound’ knob. There is a whole universe in that knob!” 
-Stuart Sullivan, Wire Recording Studio

Record Producer/Sublime/Paul Leary/Butthole Surfers/Daniel Johnston

“The sound is extraordinary, It’s a dream to work through” 

-KMR Audio, UK

“The Gold Channel is a game changer, it blew my mind, every knob does something good!” 

-Larry Chaney

Musician/Record Producer/Edwin McCain

“I use it on almost every project. Very versatile sonic joy machine!” 

-John Salem


“LOVING my new Gold Channel!! Saying that it is amazing is not enough. It’s everything and more. OMG...Thank you for creating this wonderful machine.” 

Michael Laine Hildebrandt

Musician/Bubble Gum Orchestra

“The Gold Channel is magical. Every section is amazing! I use it for M/S processing to mastering. The Legendary Mic Sound, I.C.E., and EQ are essential to me.” 


Mastering Engineer/Drummer/Producer

“The Gold Channel is more than a mic pre and channel strip. It's a magical tool for mixing and mastering. The unique features work with any instrument or vocal. I've never experienced anything like it.” 



“The rich depth and beauty of high-frequency harmonics add to the charm of vocals.” 

-Han Seo-in

Record Producer/VT Entertainment

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