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Gold Channel
Gold Channel

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Billy Stull | Legendary Audio

Landline: 956-233-5326 
Cell: 512-289-3428

You've seen the large format recording studio consoles in the multi-million dollar studios. They are commonly either the SSL or AMS/NEVE brand and cost as much as one million dollars.


We at Legendary Audio have worked with Rupert Neve himself.


We know how to design top-notch consoles.

Legendary Audio
Stage Mist
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Legendary Audio

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Rock Singer

It’s a wonderful piece of equipment. If you are an inspiring songwriter and want to sound better than everyone else, Gold Channel is the way to go. It’s amazing!

Bernie Nelson

Singer/Songwriter/Conway Twitty/Ricky Van Shelton/Kenny Chesney/Wynonna/Garth Brooks

Gold Channel
Gold Channel


  • Hi Quality PRE AMP


  • Professional Grade 3 Band Sweepable Parametric Equalizer

  • I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) Processor

  • 2 Effects Loop Circuits

  • Holy Grail Microphone Sound

  • Compressor

  • Headphones Output

  • Monitor Output


Legendary Audio was established initially for collaboration with the Legendary Audio designer, Mr. Rupert Neve, to develop the Masterpiece Analog Mastering System. Although WE STILL SERVICE existing Masterpiece units, we do not manufacture them anymore due to Rohs restrictions which caused critical parts to be discontinued.



In collaboration with the esteemed design team at Sonic Studio, known for soundBlade and other hi-end audio products, Legendary Audio has a new Plugin that is extremely exciting. I.C.E., as we call it (Acronym for In Case of Emergency), can be implemented in Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Live Sound.

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